Postdoctoral Fellow Inquiry Form

Please Read Before You Apply 

  Before filling out an Inquiry form, gather the information and materials listed below. You will not be able to save a draft of the form and return to it later; be prepared to complete the form and upload all documents in one sitting.

  Gather the following information:

  1.     Demographic information  
  2.     Names and email addresses of two professional references.  
  3.     CV, resume, or bio-sketch (If more than one document, combine into a single pdf)   
  4.     Degree information, including institution, major, start and end dates, and degree conferral date)   
  5.     Publication information (journal, date of publication, title) and a pdf of the manuscript(s). At least one publication is required to apply for a position.   
  6.     Statement of research experience and interest.  

Document Description

A written description of an individual’s educational background, research experience, and professional accomplishments. 
Copy of Diploma 
(certified translation required if not in English)
An official certificate issued by an accredited academic institution to confirm graduation and type of degree conferred.
Candidates with future graduation dates may provide a signed letter sent directly from a school official such as the Registrar, Student Affairs Office, or the Dean’s Office. The letter must confirm that all degree requirements have successfully been completed, the degree type, the official date the degree will be conferred, and the name and title of the school official. We will also accept a copy of an official transcript confirming the degree and the official graduation date. Documents must be a certified translation if in a language other than English. 
At least one (1) relevant and impactful manuscript that is published. Applicant can be a first or co-first author, middle or senior author. 

(2) Letters of Recommendation
Applicants must identify references and request the LORs from within their Slate account. LORs must come directly from qualified individuals who are in a position to comment on an applicant’s knowledge, capabilities, and performance related to the appointment for which the individual is applying. 
References must submit LORs on official letterhead with original signatures, dated within one year of the application submission date, and indicate their title or academic appointment. Letters from the trainee’s MD Anderson mentor/faculty will not be accepted.  

Statement of Research Interest
A summary of your study or research accomplishments, current work, and future direction and potential of the work you expect to undertake if awarded a fellowship. You can copy and paste from an external source or type directly in the space provided in the Slate form.

Additional Documents Required If Selected As A Final Candidate. 

Final candidates will receive an unofficial letter to confirm an offer of an appointment and request additional documents critical to the screening process needed for final approval a postdoc fellowship appointment.

Credential Evaluation (for a qualifying degree earned outside the U.S.)
If your qualifying degree was obtained from an institution outside the U.S., you must submit a copy of the original evaluation to the Slate system. Only evaluations obtained from one of the companies on the list of approved credentialing organizations will be accepted. Request your evaluation as early as possible to avoid delays.

Proof of External Funding Letter (if receiving funding support from an external organization)
Proof of funding letter is required if you will be fully or partially funded by institutions other than MD Anderson. Documentation of external funding support must come from an outside agency, home institution, scholarship award, or government and be written on letterhead, translated into English, and stated in U.S. currency. A certified English translation is required if not in English. Under no circumstances may a postdoctoral fellow or other individual’s personal funds be used to support a postdoc position at MD Anderson

Immigration Documents (required for all international candidates, including permanent residents)
You are required to upload copies of any and all of their immigration documents immediately upon receipt of an unofficial letter of appointment. Prompt attention to this step will avoid delays related to visa processing.

Document examples:
Current and past passports; 
U.S. Visa stamps with entry/exit stamps; 
Employment Authorization Document (EAD); 
I-94 Arrival/Departure Records; 
Form I-20s, 
I-797A Approval/Receipt Notices, 
green card, etc. 


Onboarding Contingencies That Require Early Action. 

Immediately upon receipt of an unofficial letter of appointment, all candidates should perform prompt action towards completing the following onboarding contingencies:

Immunization Compliance Report

Provide evidence of receiving vaccines for preventable diseases as specified by MD Anderson. is the company that manages this process and will provide clearance reports to confirm compliance. An administrative fee of $20 is required for this service. To avoid delays, create your account with CastleBranch and submit all required documents as early as possible.

Link to list of immunizations

COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement
Effective January 20, 2022, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Vaccine Rule mandates 100% COVID-19 vaccination of eligible staff and trainees at health care facilities that participate in Medicare and Medicaid programs. Therefore, all incoming trainees will be required to submit one of the following items to the vaccine portal in their Slate account.

1.    Submit COVID 19 vaccination record showing all doses for full vaccination have been received.
2.    Request a religious and/or medical exemption. 

Noncompliance will delay your ability to start on time or your offer of appointment will be rescinded

Apply Position
Personal Information

Are you currently eligible to be employed in the United States of America?

Are you currently eligible to be employed in the United States of America?

Will you, now or in the future, require sponsorship or employment status (e.g. H-1B or J status)?

Will you, now or in the future, require sponsorship or employment status (e.g. H-1B or J status)?
Submission of the following information is voluntary. Refusal to provide it will not subject you to any adverse treatment.  The information you provide will be kept CONFIDENTIAL and is not placed in your personnel file.
Add Doctoral Degree
CV/Resume or Biosketch

Add Publication

Upload publication 2 if applicable.

Upload publication 3 if applicable.

Upload publication 4 if applicable.

Upload publication 4 if applicable.

Statement of Research Experience and Interest
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